Innovative Construction & Roofing is the leading historic roof restoration company serving historical significant communities throughout the St. Louis area. Our experienced team is dedicated to preserving beautiful architecture and providing  historical custom copper roofs for properties. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Each copper roof restoration is unique. At Innovative, we take the time to develop a customized plan for each project. We also go all out to maximize the use of historically correct materials when preserving copper roofs. Our master craftsmen are have years of experience restoring historical copper standing seam roofs, copper cupolas, and custom ornamental copper details.

Copper dome project, St. Louis, MO
Copper Roof Restoration, Central West End
Custom copper detail, St. Louis area project


Copper gutters, downspouts and ornamental copper details have long been in use because of their resistance to corrosion and long life span. It’s not uncommon for copper gutters to last 60-90 years or more, which is triple the lifespan of aluminum.

Copper gutters are slightly more expensive and challenging to work with. However, copper increases the value of your home and lends something special to historical properties. Over time, copper turns a wonderfully rich patina color that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Custom Copper Gutter, St. Louis, MO project
Copper awning adds an elegant this historic St. Louis home.
Custom copper detail stands out on this beautiful historic home in St. Louis.

A roof restoration retains the character and unique architectural features of historically significant homes and properties. Contact us for more information on our custom copper roof restoration services.